Chicago Style Steppin is an urban dance that continues to evolve defining its unique style and culture within the context of mainstream swing dance.  Steppin has gained popularity throughout the United States particularly but not limited to urban America. The dance is a male lead eight-count swing and can be any combination of various movements such as Ballroom, the Lindy Hop, East / West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Ballroom, and even the Tango.
Historians have noted that the early dance movements of Swing dances laid a superb foundation for the elements of dance to be shared and improvised over a period of time.  Although the dance is a Chicago Style step everywhere, each city bears organizations with their own unique names such that the dance is also ever evolving from state to state. The history however extends as far back as the predecessor of modern American music, Ragtime, which documents polyrhythm movements and sounds of its heyday.
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Catherina Brown, Founder
Today, the Chicago Step is more widely known nationwide in Major Cities than its ever been.  The modern day music brings attention to the dance: Gerald LeVert's "Didn't We" and Jeffree's "Love's Gonna Last" to name a few.

Styles of Steppin' also known as S.O.S., began teaching the Art of Chicago Steppin' in the Western Washington area, December 2003.  In addition to teaching Chicago Steppin', S.O.S. also teach popular Soul Line Dances seen around the Country. S.O.S. is known in the Steppin' Community as the Best Organization for Hosting Fabulous Annual Events such as Go Red for Women Fundraiser, Step, Dine and Wine Tasting, Steppers Boat Cruise along the Sound on Argosy, Masquerade Ball and Black Tie Holiday Anniversary Ball.

In 2010, King County Councilman, the Honorable Larry Gossett issued Catherina Brown and Styles of Steppin' Seattle a Proclaimation, proclaiming Chicago Steppers Day. Seattle was the 1st Urban City Nationwide to receive this honor. The Mayor of Seattle Recognizes Chicago Steppers Day in 2011 and the City of Lakewood Prolcaimed Chicago Steppers Day in Aug 2012. National Chicago Steppers Day is celebrated Annually in Seattle/Tacoma area, the 2nd weekend in August.

Styles of Steppin' Founder and Lead, Catherina Brown traveled to Chicago, the Steppin' Mecca, to compete in the 2010 World's Largest Steppin' Competition, where the Best of the Best Steppers Nationwide Compete for Trophy and a Purse.  She and her dance Partner Greg Rashid, from Cleveland, won 2nd Place Out of Towners at that Competition. She is humbled and excited to be the 1st Stepper from Seattle/Tacoma area to bring the trophy Home! This accomplishment has placed the Seattle/Tacoma Steppin' Community on the Map Nationwide in the Chicago Steppin' Scene! Kudos!

Black Tie Holiday Anniversary Ball
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